You can let your imagination run wild with Love Heels.

You may already have ideas, images or a theme that you want me paint on to your shoes. If you are unsure what you would like we can work together to produce something unique and original especially for you. Here are just a few ideas to help and inspire you to create that special pair of Love Heels that will soon be yours.

  • Animal Magic

    Animal Magic

  • Board Walk

    Board Walk

  • Dancing Shoes

    Dancing Shoes

  • Giant Steps

    Giant Steps

  • High Maintenance

    High Maintenance

  • Ladybird


  • Love Heels

    Love Heels

  • Maisie May

    Maisie May

  • Marilyn


  • Peacock Strut

    Peacock Strut

  • Relax


  • Sweet Desire

    Sweet Desire