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Love Heels Shoes Appear On The Lorraine Kelly Show

A pair of my hand painted Love Heels shoes have now been featured on the Lorraine Kelly show.

Lorraine has always had a passion for shoes and a fascination for the Ernest Shackleton Endurance expedition to Antarctica. I created a themed pair of shoes for Lorraine with images that captured this historical event. The shoes, called 'Shackleton's Endurance', were featured in the fashion segment of her show with Lorraine and her fashion expert Mark Heyes.

Mark introduced my Love Heels shoes by saying 'You have a lovely pair of shoes there'. And Lorraine's comments included, 'I have got some amazing shoes...' Lorraine held and showed the shoes to camera pointing out the hand painted images on them. She seemed very impressed how I had 'cleverly painted,' her 'passion for Ernest Shackleton and everything to do with Antarctica'.

Lorraine finished of the piece by saying, 'They are too pretty to wear. I am going to keep them as an ornament. They're beautiful!!! They're beautiful!!!!'

Lorraine's feature on National TV was exciting and a lovely endorsement for a local artist from Northern Ireland.